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26 March 2012

What girls want

Hello! Haven't been blogging in awhile, was too tired to really use comp. Spent alot of time figuring out what I wanted, and realized that it's kind of impossible to get that kind of guy, ever.

It's just, very simple.

A guy that would be there for me, a guy who would want to be there for me even if i'm sick, tired or whatsoever. A guy that would take out 1 minute of his time to text/call me when i'm not with him. A guy that wouldn't flirt around, a guy that would love me with all his heart. A guy that's just into me.

I'm sorry I skipped blogging for so long, I just wanted a little time off for my brain to think. I regretted a few decisions, one modeling casting, and I missed Tsubaki's new product launch.

Don't worry! I have new products from Loreal, Canmake and a few more cosmetics brands to review, and also movies and adverts! So do wait up, I the posts will be out this week!

Thank you do much friends/readers,for staying by and checking back when I was away. I know you guys care, and I will cheer up and get on with life!


1 comment:

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