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29 July 2012

Breville Blender

Doing a favor ^^

Kitchen trends – technology and fashion give the kitchen a facelift

The kitchen is probably the single room in a home that contains the greatest wealth of extraordinary gadgets. From toasters which cook your eggs in the morning, to fridge freezers which boast built-in games on their hefty doors, there is almost no end to the bizarre collection of gadgets available for your kitchen.

No matter how sensible, it seems that nobody has been excluded from this culinary technology revolution. The inconceivably wide range of nifty kitchen appliances may not be present in all of our homes to a particularly great extent, but there are very few of us who can honestly say that they are completely free from any such technologies.

There are a number of quite simply ridiculous kitchen inventions. Most prominent are the fridges which attempt to incorporate mini-bars and televisions sets into their frontage, not to mention a range of square mugs. Besides such outlandish and – quite frankly – gimmicky inventions, there are a great many kitchen appliances which are well worth a look.

Simpler twists on kitchen technology – like the Breville blender or the Swiss Army style bottle opener – are probably the most important change in the contents of our kitchens. Whilst many designers are finding solutions to problems that don’t exist, the true genius of kitchen design today is to be found in improvements to existing kitchen solutions.

Blenders which draw very little power but still produce considerable effect are one of the most popular kitchen items today. As well as efficiency and power, consumers are also looking towards fashionable items for their kitchen.

Not only are kitchen designers and gadget engineers focusing on simplifying basic and common kitchen tasks, they are also producing a wide number of flamboyant designs to makeover existing kitchen items. Particular trends in kitchens this year include patriotic Pop Art style mugs and fridge decorations, which include anything Britain related – from the royal wedding to the Union Jack.

In the face of such technology, the traditional kitchen space is gone for the time being. Whilst we may see a fashionable revival of the classic ‘farmhouse simplicity’ of the early twentieth century in years to come, our kitchens are set for now on becoming homes for the cutting edge of culinary and aesthetic design.

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