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29 September 2016

Pokemon Events

If you guys recall, I had a Pokemon Hunt Mass Walk event at Chinatown earlier this month.

18 September 2016

Pokemon Themed Nails x Euro Sense Singapore

If you guys follow me on instagram, you would know that I recently got my Poke-themed nails done!

  Ultra ball, Master Ball, Great ball, Poke ball, all together with Pikachu!

14 September 2016

Pokemon Go Updates- Buddy System x Appraisal

It's been about 2 week since I have been selected by Funzing.com for being the first ever Pokemon Master, (okay, techincally not the first, definitely not 'ever'- it's just a name people) and I figured I could blog about the tips I know, and stuffs gathered over the internet about Pokemon Go.

  First of all, to start with the most recent update of Pokemon Go: The Buddy System!

12 September 2016

Thicker hair, with Loreal!

My hair has gone through bleaching a few years ago, and I have to say, it has been thinned from all the damage! And because of work, I change my hair colour like once every 2 mths. :(

See, my hair is super fizzy + dry. I look abit bald even, when I have wet hair! :(