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29 September 2016

Pokemon Events

If you guys recall, I had a Pokemon Hunt Mass Walk event at Chinatown earlier this month.

The weather was humid & hot, but it didnt stop us from doing that one-hour walk! Met a few new friends,

  And had old friends that came along too!


  Woah actually I'm quite motherly :/ 

Bae that seems to be more pokemon master than me

  Mama and my little bro that came by, and I feel so loved

 I have to admit, the event was not very well planned, and the pokemon hunting was not fruitful. But everyone still stayed till the very end with me.


So here's a bit of what I can do for you guys, as promised, a giveaway!

Thank you guys, for coming by, and for all the encouragement given :) 

All photos taken by: Venom


 Now, there is another event that is created by Funzing!

  Photo from: funzing.com 

As you guys would know, Pokemon originated from Japan, and to be able to feel the full fever of the Poke Hype, you have to be there in Japan (or at least know a tiny bit of jap language)! 
 Hence they created this class for you guys, an hour long course! It's catered for not only Pokemon fans, but also people that are preparing for their holiday trip to Japan (yea I do know that winter is coming, and Japan is the top on to-go list) 

 Support abit, & join now, for only $30 okie? - we need to hit the minimum number of people to make the event a green light!

You can get the discount from me as well, it's a 15% discount! Just comment or leave me an email~

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