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14 September 2016

Pokemon Go Updates- Buddy System x Appraisal

It's been about 2 week since I have been selected by Funzing.com for being the first ever Pokemon Master, (okay, techincally not the first, definitely not 'ever'- it's just a name people) and I figured I could blog about the tips I know, and stuffs gathered over the internet about Pokemon Go.

  First of all, to start with the most recent update of Pokemon Go: The Buddy System!

Now you can have your buddy pokemon to walk with you!

  My first buddy of course, would be Raichu, the evolved form of the first Pikachu which I got since day 1 of the game!
But, what happens when you walk with your buddy pokemon?

It is confirmed, that after the stated km that you walked with your buddy pokemon, you would be awarded with a candy! Different pokemon do have a different distance required, in order to earn a candy.

Credits to: Buddy Pokemon Walking Distance and Ironman for the picture edit :)

And to prove the post that I got from the internet further, I have tried using Eevee (5km distance),

  and Mankey (3km distance)

It is also suggested that a Pokemon that hatches from a 2km egg would require 1km of walking, a 5km egg requires 3km, and a 10km egg Pokemon requires 5km of walking!

 Okay, now that you got all the distance that you need to walk all sorted out, it's time to choose which Pokemon to be your buddy!

Some of us choose buddy pokemon that we liked the most, the cutest, the fiercest, the rarest, but there is a main reason why Pokemon Go came out with this buddy system- To let trainers earn candies Recall having Pokemon with not only one evolution, and you have lack of candies?

Or trying to power up rare Pokemon that you have caught, like Chansey and Porygon?

With this buddy system, you get to speed up your evolve and power up process.

Now I can't wait to finish this 3km walk with mankey, and get some candies to evolve it to Primeape! 
Some of the pokemon, can get on your shoulder as you walk, but it seems like only Eevee, Pidgeys and Weedle can.

(Latest news: Pikachu gets on your shoulder after a 10km walk!) 

If you are as excited as I am to see how the buddy Pokemon would look like on yr game screen, bring your pillows up higher guys. 
Cause this new update doesnt reflect on your game screen (or maybe not yet), so you still appear to be walking alone without your buddy Pokemon.


Next important update that was the second recent, would be Pokemon Go appraisal.


From the appraisal, you can get to know which is your best pokemon among the bunch, and you wouldn't waste candies by powering/evolving the lousy ones! Every team, Mystic, Valor, and Instinct, has different team leaders, and each of their team leaders has a different way of telling you if your pokemon is worth keeping or not!

Having said that, the keywords to look for, for each respective teams, are: This tells you whether your pokemon is in the higher tier of IV% Range. On top of IV%, you also need to look at your Pokemon's Base Stats, of which, HP, Attack and Defense.

This 2nd picture would tell you whether if your Pokemon has perfect IV in at least one of its 3 base stats, or 13-14 IVs, so on and so forth!

If you are still here, and you kinda got lost from all these IV% and IV Base Stats, here's a very brief explanation of what IV is, and how it is important for you to know.
"IVs are determined from the 3 base stats of a pokemon- it's Attack, HP and Defense. If your pokemon has higher IV Base stats as compared to the pokemon of the same kind, it would be about 10-20% stronger. It all depends on which you prefer, a higher attack, higher hp, or higher defense."

Final step of appraisal: The size of the pokemon.

For me, I would prefer to ignore this part, as it is extremely difficult to get both the IV% and IV Stats to be perfect. Let alone having a size advantage.

But sources from the net states that a bigger size pokemon, would lead to a higher HP pokemon. Well, I guess it wouldn't make that much of a difference for now, unless Niantic wishes to improvise on this part during it's future updates.

Just fyi, below are the keywords and phrases to look out for:

Blanche- Mystic

Candela- Valor

Spark- Instinct

Appraisal Pic Credit

 Now, go name your pokemon weird names (I already can imagine all the names that will be given to pokemons now) This pretty much sums up the longggggg blog post about Pokemon Go.

Do leave your comments, down in the box below, if you have any questions for me!


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