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27 October 2016

Nunsongyee Korean Bingsu

The other day, I got to try the latest hype: BINGSU~

 If you guys are wondering what Bingsu is, it's actually shaved ice with red beans, which originated from Korea.

BUT. This bingsu that I am gonna introduce to you all, is not only about shaved ice! If you are a fan of milk, fruits, oreo and all things sweet, you are in for a treat!

23 October 2016

Jaw Botox?! For real?!


Yes botox, the so-very sensitive topic that most female are afraid to talk about. To be honest, it's really hard to imagine myself going through this, even after many years of complaining about my fat face, but here goes!

Sometimes it's really hard to predict, things happen just like that. I overcome the fear.

13 October 2016

Instant Macaroni, say what, instant? Kay's Singapore

And so, did my caption make you guys wonder what new instant noodles do I have to introduce to you?
Well, you are only half right! It's instant, but it's instant macaroni!
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06 October 2016

Charmoire DIY accessories

Merry Xmas everyone!
Nah, I'm just kidding. It's not Xmas yet~
but it's coming by pretty soon! 2 months is considered soon, right? It's festive season all year, so long as you remember to pamper the loved ones around you!  SO, you more of less get what my post is about today, GIFT IDEAS.