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06 October 2016

Charmoire DIY accessories

Merry Xmas everyone!
Nah, I'm just kidding. It's not Xmas yet~
but it's coming by pretty soon! 2 months is considered soon, right? It's festive season all year, so long as you remember to pamper the loved ones around you!  SO, you more of less get what my post is about today, GIFT IDEAS.


This 'oh so pretty box' is like the best gift you can give to a female ever! 
I mean, if you are a guy and love DIY stuffs, you might even love this too! 

  Charmoire, is a locket brand, that is based in Hong Kong. They do understand that lockets come hand in hand with necklaces, bracelets, and keychains, and hence, they provide them too! 

  This box that I received, is called The Premium Box Set It comes with: 

  • a Standard or Swarovski Locket

  • 12-14 Charmoire Charms, depending on your choice of locket

  • 2 plates

  • 2 dangles
  • 1 Necklace

  • 1 Keychain
  • Charmoire Bracelet
  • Birthstone Set (it's like mini crystals to make the locket shine!)
  • 1 Charm box
  • Charmoire tweezer
  • Gift card with your personal message (I said it's very suitable for gifts, right~)

And let me run you through the whole DIY process!

  This is the empty locket of your choice, simply follow the steps below, it's super easy!
Did I mentioned that it's mechanism behind the locket is pretty cool as well? It's magnetic

 Step 1: You have to think of which plate you wanna put, into the empty locket. Some plates are thicker than the others, so you can choose and adjust which to use accordingly.  

 Step 2: Choose charms~ Each locket can put up to 6 charms, + crystals.

Don't worry about the charms being too small, or if you are a careless person like me. They provide charmoire tweezers for you!

  Feeling like a princess, playing with my toys~

When you are done, it's choosing time again!

This time, you have to decide whether you want to make it into a keychain, or a necklace!

  I decided on keychain, and hence I clipped in the I decided on keychain, and hence I clipped in the chain and add a charm in~   HMMM.. 

What if, I used it for a day and I want to change into something else to match my outfit?

Something flowery maybe? And there you have it, the necklace~

Using the same locket, just that the plates and charms are completely different now!

  Keychains, or necklace? Both are so pretty, I can't decide! & if you still remember, I did mention bracelet earlier on.

The Charmoire bracelet comes with a locket!
  Same steps, choosing charms, shall not drown you guys, too much reading is bad for your eyes too :/ The locket is not magnetic anymore, and instead, they went ahead with a screw!

You know, something similar to your bottle cap? (I'm sorry I can't think of a better description, my vocab kinda reach its limit)

  Step 2: Put in your charms

  Screw it back, and TADA!

You can add a charm on it too! Now I can have a set of bracelet & necklace

   With Charmoire, gifting is not boring anymore~


Of course, if you feel that their premium box is too much for you, they have other gift sets for you! Visit Charmoire now and check their range of box set. Do remember to check out using the code <verdiscount> for a 10% discount, +  free shipping! The best part is, you get to arrange your delivery date & time!

Oh and fret not about last minute gift sending, they are very efficient when it comes to delivery. I received my items the next day after ordering!

 You can email me your orders (with that, you cannot complain that you have no idea how to checkout), or order it on your own over at their website!

Special thanks to Barry Seah for the pics
All pictures were taken in PPI Studios, 8169 9879 or email info@ppistudio.com for bookings!

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