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13 October 2016

Instant Macaroni, say what, instant? Kay's Singapore

And so, did my caption make you guys wonder what new instant noodles do I have to introduce to you?
Well, you are only half right! It's instant, but it's instant macaroni!
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Yea, I was surprised too, when I first heard of Kay's Instant Macaroni, but it's trueeeeeee!

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This newly launched instant, comes with a new type of pasta!
It also has 5 flavours: Chicken, Curry, Tom yum, Vegetable, & Anchovy.
Okay in case you guys have no idea what Anchovy is, it's 江鱼仔 :)
Eeee, I don't like to eat macaroni, it's what sick people eat.
It's so tasteless & bland!
So now, if you still have the above sentences in your mind, please, erase them!  

Kay's Instant Macaroni, is one of the most special macaroni I have ever eaten. There is no bitter aftertaste, unlike any other Macaroni brands, & instead, it tastes sweet!

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 And now, after so many texts and pictures, I feel that it is only fair, to show you a video of Chef Ivy cooking. (okay I'm just kidding, I'm no chef)

 See, it's super easy to cook!
  • Get a pot & fill it with 330ml of water
  • Boil the water
  • Pour in the macaroni, + the seasonings
  • Let it simmer for 3 mins

  Voila, and there you have it! The oh-so-delicious macaroni!

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 You got to really go try it to believe it, I'm not really a macaroni person, but I have been craving these for a few nights!

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 Of course, if you find that it is too plain for you (like just the macaroni + seasoning), you can always add in your own touch of creativity!

I heard of people frying it, and cooking the macaroni with cheese!

  For all you nutritionists & parents out there, if you are worried about it having MSG or if it's a healthy choice, below are a few points that you should read!
  • Produced with Top grade 100% Durum Wheat Semolina
  • Non-wax or fried, unlike instant noodles
  • No preservatives at all
  • Locally produced
  • Halal certified

  If wheat is too fattening for supper, split it into two bowls :p


Having said that, you are tempted and hungry already right? Where can you get the Instant Macaroni at? list of outlets here

Also, do give their facebook a like, to keep yourself updated for new flavours and etc! (yes they have many more flavours coming up~)

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Enjoy your 3min of cooking & 3 hours of full tumtumz!


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