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23 October 2016

Jaw Botox?! For real?!


Yes botox, the so-very sensitive topic that most female are afraid to talk about. To be honest, it's really hard to imagine myself going through this, even after many years of complaining about my fat face, but here goes!

Sometimes it's really hard to predict, things happen just like that. I overcome the fear.

The before pic! What is jaw botox?
Botox (U.S brand) or Dysport (U.K. Brand) has divest uses in Medicine and Aesthetics, not just purely for wrinkles.  It can be used to reduce muscles at the jaw. DYSPORT JAW creates a smooth but noticeable transformation from the squarish jaw to a more young & feminine v-face

Okay, what is botox, side effects blabla. You guys can go google and read them up! I'm here to share the more commoner point of view of the whole process, so that it's easier for people that wants to try it to understand!


I thought botox would make your face bigger?

Botox/dysport, is used to relax muscles. Traditionally used for wrinkles. So the usual way, is that doctors would inject botox/dysport, and the muscles would feel relax, and hence the wrinkles would be unable to form- and BAM, wrinkle free face!

Common misconception- botox and fillers

It harms the body.
No it doesn't! The amount of dosage that is used is very, very, very minimal. I mean, less than one syringe compared to the amount of other liquids and creams you apply onto your face, the impact on the body is almost negligible!

Aesthetics doctors, inject botox on their own face too! So if it's unsafe and harmful, why would they wanna do that right?
It is FDA approved too~

What are the side effects?

I tried it, and for myself, there is no side effects at all! Oh okay, maybe a slight swell for a few days? But nobody realised it!
Although it is reported that there would be signs of headaches, and maybe feeling lethargic.

Can I be with makeup when I am there for the treatment?

Yes you can! The area that will be injected with botox/dysport

Is there anything I can't eat/drink before/after the treatment?

The doctor joked about it, and mentioned no smoking for 5 years and to be alcohol-free for 3 years. But hey, there is nothing that you cannot do/eat/drink! Zero down time~

How long do I have to wait before facial?

About 7-10 days!

Can I lie down after the treatment? How long do I have to wait?

There is no restrictions to this, but just in case, maybe 4-8 hours?

Can I scrub my face/ put mask at night after the treatment?

Yes you can!

How long will the jab last?

For one session, it will last about 9-12 months, but the muscles actually grows as it is stimulated every time you chew. (but, you can't stick to not chewing for all your meals right?)

After the botox subside, will my jaw be worse than now?

It will not be! It might grow back to how it initially looks like, if you do not go for the next session for years. The ideal next session would be 6-9 months!



 Okay guys, a breather for you guys- the scenery I get while doing my procedure!

The room that I was in for the botox treatment. I'm not sure about you, but I feel much more relaxed after looking at the surroundings.

Now hopefully, I have got all your questions answered! The doctor and clinic has been very kind and patient, while answering all these. I was really really afraid and skeptical about it. :/

The procedure I went through is Jaw Botox + V-lift/liquid lift

What is V-lift? What additions does it add to botox?

It is a unique style of dysport injection, used to lift the skin of the face/excessive fat, resulting in the immediate slimming of face! Best used after dysport jaw as the dysport jaw only reduces muscles.

Are there any side-effects of v-lift? 

 There is no side effects at all!

How long will v-lift last?

Typically V lift lasts only 4-5 months.  With repeat sessions they may last longer.

But if you would like a stronger and more sustained lift, you might wanna go for thread lifting!

  Now, drowning time is over, pictures below! This is my face before


 Both front & side! See the jaw area, there is like a huge piece of muscle, that's the part where my face look squarish!

 Numbing process:


 At this point, I more or less know what's going on, but I haven't watched any videos with regards to aesthetics before (dont wanna scare myself too much before the procedure)

 Applying my numb cream!


 Doctor drawing the sketch lines on my face


 Pardon my serious face, I was really nervous :/


 I'm told to bite, so that the muscles will appear~


 And that's about it for botox!



 There is abit of aching when the needle is injected, but that's it. No pain at all!

   Vlifting now

  disclaimer: it might look abit disgusting, so I suggest you read below after eating or smth.


 So what happened was, a few jabs were injected onto my jaw area, and abit at the side of my cheek. & that's it! I dont have to bite, or do anything. And to be really honest, I feel nothing at all too!


 Okay if you really want me to describe, I would say, it feels like ants bite. Like, a bite. No soreness, numbing, pain, NOT AT ALL.


 I know what you guys will say, from the pics, it looks very painful. But really, it's not!

 I am someone who cannot even stand plucking eyebrows, and really, this actually feels quite shiok! There is nothing felt, and I went from a hamster to v-faced instantly~


PS: Thank you to my lovely friend, Vanny, for the pain scale picture! (I kinda suck at photoshop & paint stuffs :/)


 This was done on one side. Look at my right jaw(which is your left)! Super defined, compared to my left.     And tadaa, I'm all v-face!

The 'little mosquitoes bite bumps' are gone, like almost within 20 mins, so don't worry about heading to work/meeting after the session. It will fade off on its own!


 Left: before, Right: a week after the botox.


 This is my first video, of my v-face after the session!

  Have to thank my lovely boy for being there to be my personal photographer, and calming pill :)   So a wrap up: Botox is in the muscles & v-lift is in the skin layer!


 One more selfie to prove that I'm super in love with my face. (Taken almost immediately after)

In about a month's time, I will share with you guys, what I ate and the day-to-day pics after the procedure, to prove to you guys that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing you have to avoid after treatment! (PS: I ate lots of seafood & sashimi)

It's day 10 and my face is significantly smaller alr!!!!!!!! It took me a few days, before I can stop asking people "how do I look", or exclaim "eh omg my face, SOOO small now"

 Thank you for making my sky so blue now. <3


Quote 'IVY' for exclusive offer on Botox Jaw & V Lift @ $999! (Usual rate for Botox Jaw is $800 and V Lift at $700. If you are interested, contact: enquiries@theaestheticconcierge.com.sg!  

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