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27 October 2016

Nunsongyee Korean Bingsu

The other day, I got to try the latest hype: BINGSU~

 If you guys are wondering what Bingsu is, it's actually shaved ice with red beans, which originated from Korea.

BUT. This bingsu that I am gonna introduce to you all, is not only about shaved ice! If you are a fan of milk, fruits, oreo and all things sweet, you are in for a treat!

  This, is NunSongYee Dessert! Their katong branch.

I got to try out their Oreo Bingsu, which is really a must-order if you are a hardcore Oreo fan!

  Just look at the amount of oreos they have on top of the ice! Oh did I mention, that their shaved ice are made from milk as well? If you do not have a sweet tooth, rest assured, their milky shaved ice taste just fine! (Although for me, I feel that it is not sweet enough)

And guess what, they actually know that, and have a solution to solve this problem for us sweeeeeet tooth :)  

  There is this godly milk, that you can pour over the shaved ice, and it sweetens up the whole bingsu! Of course, you have a choice of putting it, or not.

PS: You have to dig 'holes' into your bingsu, before pouring the milk for the oreo bingsu. (If not all the milk will flow all the way to the table top!) Look at me, slurping that mouthful of shaved ice~


 The bf on the other hand, picked the Strawberry Bingsu- which is said to be traditional

  At first, we didnt understand what the menu meant by 'traditional'.

It was because there is red bean hidden within the shaved ice, at the very bottom! Surprise surprise!

Hehe, I definitely have to show some pics of us eating right, to tempt you even further.

Of course, for desserts, you would prefer something cold. But would there be days where you would prefer something more filling, a little sweet, chewy, and brings warmth to your stomach?

Don't worry about that, cause Nunsongyee has got that all sorted out!

  They have a whole range of delicious toast. (Injeolmi Toast, Cinamon Injeolmi Toast, Choco Injeolmi Toast, Cheese Injeolmi Toast, Garlic Cheese Injeolmi Toast)

 Of which, I found one from the menu which is extremely interesting. The Garlic Cheese Toast!
Garlic? Cheese? Are you sure both of them taste alright together?


 I decided to give them a test, and to my surprise, do I have to tell you how it taste like?


 As good as it looks! Although my pics are not very well taken and I guess it didnt do much justice to the food.
Crunchy on the outside, with a touch of garlic + the cheese melting in between the toast. &&&& they have a little almond bits on top of it too! It's so good, I ate like almost 3/4 of the toast :/

Now now, Ivy always has promotions for you guys.

Here it goes: This time round, their promotion is pretty interesting!

    1. Print this
    2. Head over to all 4 outlets, like how you travel for your pokemon journeys (okay I'm just kidding) and collect all 4 stamps
    3. You would reach the final outlet-Bugis, and you can redeem your FREE BINGSU there!

Yes, it's that simple!


 Okay if you still don't understand, I will do a pictorial run through :D  

Head to these 4 outlets Upper Thomson > Tanjong Katong > Bukit Timah > Century Square

  3 4 5 6

 And then get your stamps! First stamp, when ordering a bingsu. & then 2nd stamp for a 50% off. (Okay the 2nd bingsu is not a compulsory in the game)

THEN THEN head to Bugis


 If say, this is too troublesome for you, you could simply like their facebook & receive 5% for your purchase with them.


 Screenshot taken from facebook & their webpage


 Don't say I bojio, bring your friends, family members and eat away~        

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