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13 November 2016

Post botox & v-lift- food and face

And so, it's about a month now, and as promised, here are some pictures of my face during the whole month after my botox + v-lift!

Before (right), where the side of my jaw is pretty squarish, & after (left)

Day 1: Right after the botox treatment, the bf and I went for some sashimi feasting

VS How I look right after.

If you missed my [previous blog post] on the procedure for botox & v-lift, you can view it here

Proven: eating sashimi/raw food/seafood is perfectly alright right after the treatment!

& there is one thing that happened to me, which I am not sure if it would for you guys, but my face is a shade fairer! Complexion better as well.

Day 2: 

Face without filter.

I ate Thai food from ubereats for breakfast as well! Was too hungry, I forgot about taking pictures. 

Proven: can consume spicy food (very spicy I mean)

MY FACE, is still very fair, and the complexion is getting better! The pic above ^, is taken without makeup~

Day 3:

Ate Japanese food again- Spicy salmon and Terriyaki Cod Fish~

My face is swelling abit from the pic, you can see the little bulge near the side of my jaw. But overall, still slimmer as compared to before. Swelling is normal for some people, however only a handful of them would get swelling! (I guess it's just me and my sensitive skin + weak body)

Day 4:

Ubereats lunch before heading out, & I guess I left out an important point too- You can apply makeup right after botox already, there is no downtime.

& then it's dinner at Sushi Tei! This Tan Tan Don is my all time fave from them. Spicy + tamago~

You can tell how much I love this dish, need to have it at least once a month :p

Day 5: 

Went to do my nails over at Delicious Nails, matching Galaxy + heat change nailart!

I ate took away food from the coffeeshop nearby, and no sensitivity or any lethargic reaction.

Proven: Able to go out, travel, eat food in any way I want 

The swell on my face is gone too!

Day 6- Day 13:

Different angles of my face, with makeup & without!

To further amaze you, I decide to tie my hair up.

Eating Ice Cream Dorayaki is perfectly fine too~

And cheers with Vitagen, to better complexion :)

No more bulging, and fully subside swell, PLUS very v-face

Went for food tasting at Nunsongyee Bingsu as well

Proven: Ice cream, desserts all passed!

Day 14-28:

I hope at this point, all these selfies are not too much for you to handle :/

LOOK AT THAT V jaw. I really have to say, I feel so much more confident, and happier, now that my face is slimmer!

Went for alcohol tasting + briefing

Now there is one big issue that I always have, I can't tie up my hair, neither can I 'half-tie' them or curl it. I will look super old and... ugly.
But hey, check out my hairdo at a shoot a few days ago. My face is significantly smaller, and I can breeze the curls with confidence. 

And that's how I used to look, (pic on the right) :/ 

Don't even need to contour~

And then I ate some western during the past few days.

Conclusion: Botox and V-lift have no downtime at all! Expect for the mild swelling that I had, which wasn't obvious (nobody mentioned to me about the swelling)
I get to eat spicy, raw and seafood as well! Everything as per normal, just no facial for the first 7-10 days!

If you are interested in going for V-lift & Botox like I did, you can email them!

Quote 'IVY' for Botox Jaw & V Lift @ $999! (Usual rate for Botox Jaw is $800 and V Lift at $700. If you are interested, contact: enquiries@theaestheticconcierge.com.sg!


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