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12 September 2016

Thicker hair, with Loreal!

My hair has gone through bleaching a few years ago, and I have to say, it has been thinned from all the damage! And because of work, I change my hair colour like once every 2 mths. :(

See, my hair is super fizzy + dry. I look abit bald even, when I have wet hair! :(

All thanks to Loreal Professional, I get to try their all new Pro Fiber Re-Create!

Notice the small yet powerful blue bottles on the floor? They are the conditioner, serum-in-spray and shampoo respectively!

With that, I guess you might be wondering, how should you use them?

The daily haircare steps are as follows:

Step 1: Replace Pro Fiber - with yr daily shampoo!

Ahhhhh, it bubbles up easily, and you can feel that you hair is soft and silky immediately!

Step 2: Pro Fiber conditioner

These two bottles, look exactly the same so be extra caution when using them, the small one is the conditioner!

Step 3: After washing yr hair, dry your hair for abit using towel, and spray the Pro Fiber serum-in-spray over each section of your hair!

Heat protection up, up, up! Now you can blow dry/style your hair with a peace of mind~

Extra step: On every 4th time you shampoo, use 1 tube of Re-Boost monodose to replace your conditioner!

Rmb, you have to leave it on for 7-10 mins! TADAAAA!

Thicker & less fizzy hair! (opps please ignore the messy hair, it's a photoshoot effect that the photographers wanna create)

Results of using Pro Fiber Re-Create:
  • Hair is strengthened, gains elasticity and bouncy
  • Hair feels smoother & more even in texture
  • Hair color looks more vibrant and shiny
  • Split ends are reduced over time
Now now, are you tempted for Pro Fiber Re-Boost already?

In case you are wondering why this hair set is so powerful, I can tell you why! It contains APTYL 100, Loreal's patented exclusive active ingredient that rebuilds damaged hair fibers and re-texturizes the external surface of hair fibers.

Which is why my hair is both strengthened and nourished at the same time! APTYL 100 has a strong positive charge, so it seeks out damaged portions of my hair which are negatively charged (this is the 负离子 that has been caused by the environment).

Check out website, or instagram @lorealprofsg for more details!


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