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28 November 2016

Western Food in Northen of SG: Cecilia's Bistro

And so..

The foodie has been to another place to makan! This time round, in the Northen side of Singapore!

Situated at S11 Woodlands, Cecilia’s Bistro is a super awesome western food stall that caters to a diversity of palates, selling a gastronomical variety of meats, pastas and the usual western dishes. 

The most unique offering at Cecilia Bistro is their extensive assortment of tasty sauces that ranges from Mushroom Sauce, Mint Sauce and the more exquisite, bespoke ones like Salted Egg Yolk.

They sell a whole lot of variety of meats, pasta & the usuals!

But what's so special about them? They have like one of the nicest Salted Egg Yolk Sauce that comes with their meat. During my trip, I was invited to taste some of their dishes and I ordered the following – Salted Egg Chicken Chop, Fish & Chips, Grilled Fish with Black Pepper Sauce.

The dishes that I ordered were: Salted Egg Chicken Chop, Fish & Chips, Grilled Fish with Black pepper sauce.

If you are wondering where is the sauce....

The sauces are served apart from the dishes, which means that you can be the captain of the meals and match your sauce choice with your mains the way you want!
It's really convenient if you have friends that are eating together with you, so you don't have to really take alot of time thinking who should order what sauce, and what goes better with each kind of sauce!

You get to mix and try every other flavours ordered~~

Main Course 1: Chicken Chop

Each main course comes with 2 side + a complimentary soup of the day. The soup of day, was Cream of Mushroom!

Verdict: Grilled Chicken is soft, yet not oily. Chewy and not very hard to bite.

Main course 2: Grilled Fish & Chips

Actually, you can tell how good it is, by looking at the next pic.

(I don't care whether if you are gonna take a photo, I'm gonna eat, eat, & eat)

Still, gonna give a verdict: I like how the Fish and Chips were crisp on the outside yet grilled nicely on the inside!

Main Course 3: Fish & Chips

This. Is their very, godly Fish and Chips

I had the Grilled Fish first and was already stunned at how well the meat was grilled and how the meat seem to melt on my tongue, however, after eating this, I felt that this was definitely the better fish dish compared to the previous!

Verdict: Fried, to the very precise and right texture, without even a hint of dried, tough meat.

Did I mention that there was a side dish platter too? 

Chicken Wings, Onion Rings, & Cheese Fries

I can’t count Onion Rings as one of my favorite sides to have, but this, I have to say is amazingly goooood, I finished the dish on my own :p

Their chicken wings too are extraordinary, even though carrying a western-influenced name – Rodeo Wings, they actually taste more like Prawn Paste Chicken!

Ohhhh now look at the meat~

Sinful meal indeed, cause the fries got me slurping away. 

My favorite Baked Potato accompanied by Coleslaw
Okay can I stop typing now, I'm VERY HUNGRY already. 

I know I know, I havent got to mention the sauce yet.
I'm coming to it now, cause it is only right to leave the best for the last!

Throughout my meal, I couldn’t help but match almost every single morsel of food with the Salted Egg Sauce, even my onion rings as it complements the different varieties amazingly.

Overall rating for the meal: Even though this dining destination is not air-conditioned, the food made me forget about SG’s humid weather. I have to admit that the place do have quite a bit of flies but I doubt anyone would experience the same as there were plenty of food in front of me (& I can't possibly just eat from all of them at once)

Now if you are interested to know where it is

The address is:

One more pic of the greedy girl~

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