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12 December 2016

Family Portrait in time for CNY- PPI Studio

Year end's around the corner, & it's 2017 very soon! HOOORAYYY!

You know, it's like a trend now to take pictures, even my mom's starting to learn and take selfies.
And yeah, today's topic is about photography!

With a recent collaboration with PPI Studio (PPI), my family went for a family potrait shoot. Here's a mini writeup of my experience with them, and I hope you feel as though you are there too!

Firstly, I would like to introduce the photographer behind all the lovely pictures: Barry Seah & of course, his assistant who took all the behind-the-scene shots that I would be posting below.

And so.. We arrived at PPI & had our make up done.

Sometimes I really do hope that I can wake up with all my make up on point.

My dad and bro didn't want to doll up their faces, and hence they reached abit later!

& I know by now, you would have alot of questions. I'll answer one of it first!

But I have no idea how to pose? 

This is Barry, guiding my mom on posing~

So you do not have to worry about posing at all! 

And then I'm abit kpo too, so I joined the guiding as well :)

Each one of us took turns to have out individual shot, and 'warm-ups' before the family shot.
My lovely dad, took up the 'like a boss' pose as suggested by Barry.

How about a hunk pose? That's my bro, with my head popping at the side to check out how he's doing. :p

You know it's selfie time, when everybody is pretty and handsome~~

Our we-fie!

Okay question number 2: 

What about the clothes to bring?

Clothes wise, you can liaise with Barry or any of the staffs before hand. But it would be good to have like your own colour theme & style your family prefers!Don't get me wrong, colour themes, as in like  basic colours that everybody can go along and match with!
For us, we chose a dark coloured theme, so everyone's in a dark shade of blue, black & grey! You can go for bright colours, like yellow & orange, or even pastel, like baby pink and blue, etc.

And so, besides the individual shots that we get, off to the main shoot of the day:

Look at the smile on our faces, ^^

Selfie, whilst shooting is a must, and we roped my dad in this time round~

As the camera flash went off, Barry said "ok all of you please lie down on the floor"
Our faces went, HUH? Floor? Lie down?

Turns out, this is the pose he wanted us to do! I'm pretty glad he made us to this pose, it's been awhile since the four of us lied down together, on the floor somemore!

And then we had our turns as siblings too,

Papa & Mama's post wedding shoot like after many many years.
Mama went "this feeling very long never have already."

If you are tempted already, let me tell you more about the pricing!

It is priced at $488 (Usual rate: $688)

 What it comes with:

 A professional Photographer trained in PPI Studio

 It will be a 2 hours session

You get to shoot with 2 outfits (1 casual & 1 formal)

All photos will be given in good exposure in high resolutions!

***10 photos for you to choose from the whole album to print into a collage to display at home!***

 T&C for the package:

- For 1 pax to a group of 4 pax
- For 1 pet together with 4 pax
- Pet cannot be replaced with a pax
- Additional pax / pet will be $30 each

And you can look forward to your photos within 2-3 weeks!

What about the makeup artist?

Make up artist, would not be provided. But you can use the studio venue before the shoot for your make up to be done. 

& just in case you need some lobangs, I do have one pretty awesome Makeup Artist for you guys to consider! Stella, is my Makeup artist that day, and she is very experienced! You can contact her through: Autelier Makeup :)

A sneak preview of the edited pictures!
I don't want to spoil the fun and show all of the pictures here for you, imma gonna wait till the collage is here!

So stay tuned for my next post~~

Takeaway from this shoot: I get to hear laughter that were rarely heard at home, and unforgettable memories.
'Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose'

PPI Studio's address:

You can check here for directions too!

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