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08 December 2016

Gam3.Asia, the new one stop gaming venue!

Ever considered gaming and watching live streaming of competitions together with yr gaming buds?

Introducing: Gam3.Asia!

Huge ass screen, + full gaming rigs.

The team from gameprosg, created the world's first exclusive gaming club located at Marina Square on 29 October 2016~

The kind of atas gaming rigs that are provided there! Even the chair looks so comfy!

And while I was there, I got very attracted by this Minecraft pop-up store!

Yeah, you can tell I'm having lots of fun with my mini treasure chest. 

As a member, you can get exclusive discounts & offers there! So you get to buy stuffs, at a much cheaper price than others.

If you are a fan of world of warcraft, they sell their t-shirts as well!

Featuring concept stores by: M1, Alienware, MSI, Aorus, Asus ROG, Razer and Logitech.

A little secret to review, I think it's still not found on the net yet. :)

They will be holding a few major events for you to anticipate for 2017~
Of which, Zowie extremesland qualifier 2017 is one of them! For those that have no idea, it's the asia official CS:GO tournament!

Past events that was held there:

1. LoL Worlds Championship 2016
2. Overwatch World Cup viewing party

Now for the most important piece of information.
How do I join their member?
Membership is at $119, renewable annually. 

With perks like:

  • Exclusive entry to and usage of the eSports Club
  • Invitations to gaming product launches held at Gam3.Asia
  • Prioritised pre-orders at special prices & participation in flash deals and monthly eSports competitions
  • Exclusive Gamer of the Month giveaways & member birthday giveaways
  • Member's price and discounts for the products sold there~

Cheers love!

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