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03 December 2016

Shopping Deals and Cashback with ShopBack

Does this video seem familiar to you? I believe most of you have already seen this catchy commercial on TV!


 The top cashback site in Malaysia and the Philippines, is here in our small red dot! And according to the poll, the top 5 payments that Singaporeans are paying for is:
  1. ERP
  2. Using toilet
  3. Parking fees
  4. Supermarket trolleys
  5. Kiddy Rides

So the people from ShopBack actually tried giving cashbacks for these!

 It's so funny, I can't.  :/   Enough said, and I guess you pretty much know what I'm gonna share with you today already! I was invited to try ShopBack, and I am amazed at the % of amount of cashbacks they have for everyone of us.


They happen to have Foodpanda on board, which to be honest, kind of reminds me of the days when I was working for foodpanda's events!

And most importantly, this how it works page!

I'm pretty shopaholic, as you guys would already know, hence I screenshot some of the steps while I was shopping for groupon vouchers.

So I was directed to log in/sign up from their web.

I came across this, and immediately cart out. Maybe my stomach is taking over my brain. All I can think of now is food.

And there it is! Done with purchasing, and the cashback will be credited back to you within the next few days!

Mine took about 2 days, but the number of days it take is case-to-case basis, and depending on whether if they are at their peak season!


 I get $5 for signing up as well! So cashback $0.18 + $5 = $5.18 cashback, just like that.

Well, there is more to it than just cashback. At ShopBack,  you can find some great deals and offers. For example, if you're itching to buy some new clothes, you can look for Reebonz and Net-a-Porter.

 Or maybe, maybe... You're looking for some beauty product! Then you can look out for Althea or StrawberryNET before going on your shopping spree! So, be sure to look for these amazing coupons and offers here because that's more savings for you on top of the cashback given!

 Just in case you are still confused, check out their video for instructions~~


Yes, as simple as that, and we can get cashbacks on top of for all our online shopping deals!

Sign up for your account now~

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