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21 December 2016

Siam Yen x Christmas at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Xmas is coming guys! Anybody has any idea where to go on that day? Actually I do have an idea~

Siam Yen, founded by my fellow Bedok View Secondary sch mates, are having a booth at the Christmas at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station!

Photo credit: Siam Yen

And as you can tell, Siam Yen, is a shop that specialises in Thai drinks~~
I got a taste of their 4 very common, yet refreshing drinks: The Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Tea, Thai Young Coconut, & Thai Lime Tea.

So now, imma gonna have a taste of all of them, and let you know my verdict!

Lime Tea: I am really really pretty amazed at how and why it is translucent red. But well, it tastes pretty refreshing, & not too sour!
You should try it if you haven't have had lime tea in other colours before!

Coconut: I'm not really a fan of coconuts, but hey, this taste goooood! There is meat inside too~ I mean, coconut meat hehe
Siam Yen uses only young coconut, and which is why, their coconut meat is so tender~ Did I mentioned, their coconut is different from other ppl's coconut drink as there is a stick provided, for you to eat the whole coconut's meat without having to dirty your hands!

Refreshing, and it really quenches my thirst! (I get thirsty very easily).

Thai Green Tea: I haven't been to Thailand before, and hence have no idea they actually do have Green Milk Tea there! It always has been presumed as a 'Taiwan' product from my pov. 

This IS REALLY LIKE THE BEST Green Milk Tea ever, I mean, even xxx brand from Taiwan (you know, the one that created a hype recently in SG?) couldn't be compared to it! Siam Yen, please deliver more of this to me! *clicks on order form x100*

Photo credit: Siam Yen

*inserts artistic shots from Siam Yen* Cause... Ivy never ever takes such good photos :(

They are very portable, and resealable, hence it is good to bring them out for picnic too!

Lastly, the also very legendary Thai Milk Tea!

& a picture is not good enough to explain how much I love this. 
Drank up the whole bottle, in like.... 2 minutes? 
It's pretty sweet, but not "gelat" (Malay expression that denotes irritation and weariness at repetition).
*sips sips sips*

And so... You might ask. What has my friends opening a new shop got to do with Tanjong Pagar Railway Station's last day x Christmas event


Yesh, from 10am-9pm, they will be situated inside the event.

So hurry go mark your calendars, & be sure to bring yr camera to take some nice pictures of the last open house for railway station!
&&& Pls be early, as there are very limited parking slots available~
You can check out the event details here, & most importantly, support my friends' Siam Yen!

'Siam Yen Singapore would like to introduce you, to our traditionally brewed Thai Iced Tea like how their locals does it. We emphasise on quality and authenticity in our beverages that brings you back to Thailand with a guaranteed addictiveness!'

Back to having more drinks while gaming~

Siam Yen's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/siamyensingapore/
Tanjong Pagar Railway Station Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1214191818615891/

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