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07 January 2017

Nose thread, nose fillers!

Happy New Year guys! I'm so excited to embark on my 2017 journey~ So many stuffs coming on my way!

And so, alot of you guys were saying that I look slightly different. So, here's a little secret that I'm gonna share!

Last mth, I went to do nose thread & nose fillers~

The process of nose threads first!
First, they applied on numbing cream for me, and then doctor went ahead to draw some lines on my nose!

A mini needle hole was poked through the tip of my nose, where the threads could go in. 

And then miraculously, my nose tip went higher!

There really is nothing much to explain for the process, as everything was suggested and advised by the doctor! He is really sweet throughout the process, saying words of encouragements and all~

Pain scale for Nose Thread: 5/10
It is pretty painful for the first few jabs, when the anesthetics are injected! But overall, it's pretty alright after the first 2 jabs.

Some fillers were injected too, to further numb my nose.

And then tada! My nose is sharp & you can tell from my face, I'm feeling pretty happy with my new nose :)

Feeling so chio now that I have to keep checking the mirror!

Pain scale for Nose Filler: 2/10
Very minimal pain, and I guess I'm getting more and more used to aesthetics stuffs. Hence, it's only 2! It is slightly more painful than my jaw botox & facelift, but it is really bearable.
Maybe it wouldn't even hurt for you, as my pain tolerance is like.. -100 :/

Still checking the mirror

And then again. ^^

Look at that jaw too! It's the slimmest at that point, and all thanks to doctor as well.

This is me, before I left the clinic.

Below are a few pictures of my post nose thread & fillers:

It was swelling for the first 2 days, (meaning to say I look pretty fake and thai for that few days)

But look at the photo of me with the Pokemon Xmas Tree! The swelling has subsided, and my nose look oh-so natural!

I did not suggest or insist what kind of nose I want, how high I want the nose bridge to be. The doctor decided what deem fit, and it really looks very awesome and natural~

Look at that! (before pics on the left, & after on the right)

There is totally no downtime for nose thread/fillers, and same as botox & vlift, there is absolutely nothing that I have to avoid. (Yay to seafood & sashimi) Besides the fact that I was recommended to not wear spects on exert pressure on my nose for the first 10 days.

If you have sinus, do not be afraid as well! I have sinus since I was really really young, and the procedure did not affect me a bit!


They are having their xmas promotion, for nose thread from $699!

BUT BUT BUT. As my readers...

Quote 'IVY' for further more discounts! Contact: enquiries@theaestheticconcierge.com.sg.


And here's an update, I went for the nose review, and touched up abit of my nose bridge with fillers!

And this, is how I look like now~ Loving my new nose bridge :D

And if you wanna see a clearer difference....

These are the two videos of me, (taken before the full nosethread, nose fillers & jaw botox + vlift) and another after!



And so the more exaggerated effect:

This is how I look like now, as compared to 4 months ago!!
(Left, my first consult at the clinic, at the end of Sept, and right, how I look like 2 weeks earlier!)
*oh, and this is not edited, except for some blemish remover & filter*

People say botox lasts only 3 months, and every 3 mths, I have to head for touch up. but with this aesthetics clinic, you can bid that 3 month time frame goodbye! It's already been over 3 months, and my face is still looking 'oh-so-small'!

I would like to thank the Dr and everyone in the clinic, for my smaller face, and to more confidence in taking photoshoots & videos~

If you are tempted already, email: enquiries@theaestheticconcierge.com.sg & remember to quote <IVY> for discounts!

Go be beautiful just in time for CNY!

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