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15 March 2017

Freshkon: Your daily lens for mesmerising eyes!

Recently, I visited Koolook at Junction 8, to get my Freshkon Dailies!

Went through to check my eyesight for the perfect fit of degree for the lenses.

+ the dodgy looking thing that all spectacles wearing would be familiar with...

to check if I have superwoman's 10/10 eyesight~

Nah I'm just kidding. This is to get the right degree after utilising the machine to check, just to make sure that I wouldn't feel giddy or uncomfortable with the degree that is matched for me!

And then I went for further checks for my suitability for wearing contact lenses. 

Do you know, that this machine can spot scars, or any injuries found in your eyes?

And then further checks were conducted.. With the lights off, Jayme from Koolook could check it better~

Look at this stance! Jayme is really professional. Don't worry guys, this is part of the checking procedure, and it does not hurt at all

Explaining the condition of my eyes, and what I should take note.

:/ this is me looking closely to what she wrote. This is what happens if you get a -5.25 degree to be w/o spects- blind. 

There are boards on the walls of the examination room, where Jayme could explain with pictorial reference. (This is really important, cause optometrist always use huge terms.)

After all the examination, time to choose contact lenses!

Freshkon colour lenses, has 2 different cosmetic contact lenses category:

  1. FreshKon Alluring Eyes
  2. Freshkon Colors Fusion

1. FreshKon Alluring Eyes
Available in 1-mth & dailies disposable

Mainly suitable for people that are looking for natural colours, and want bigger and brighter eyes.

5 shades: Majestic Brown, Mesmeric Black, Winsome Brown, Mystical Black, Magnetic Grey

Skin Tone Guide: 

Fair (cool/pinkish tone): Mystical Black, Magnetic Grey, Mesmeric Black
Medium (warm/yellow-golden tone)Majestic BrownMesmeric BlackWinsome Brown 
Tan (neutral/tan based tone)Magnetic Grey, Majestic BrownWinsome Brown

2. FreshKon Colors Fusion
Available in 1-mth & dailies disposable
Mainly suitable for people that are looking for iconic, colour contact lenses.

1 Day & 1 Month: Brilliant BrownShimmering Grey
1 Day: Blushing Violet
1 Month: Glittering Blue, Baby Aqua, Gleaming GreenGroovy GreenCool GreenBlooming Pink,  Perky BrownWarm HazelGlinting BrownHippie ChestnutMisty Grey

Skin Tone Guide:

Fair: Glittering Blue, Blooming Pink, Shimmering Grey,  Misty Grey, Blushing Violet, Hippie ChestnutBaby Aqua 

Medium:  Brilliant BrownPerky BrownWarm HazelGlinting BrownGleaming GreenGroovy GreenCool GreenShimmering Grey, Blooming Pink 

Tan: Brilliant BrownPerky BrownGlinting BrownHippie ChestnutShimmering Grey,  Misty Grey, Groovy GreenBlushing Violet

Now that we all got our colour shade, and which contact lenses to get, time to go look for Jayme!

Koolook is located at:

9 Bishan Place, Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Singapore 579837

Visit FreshKon's facebook and Koolook's facebook for more details~

If Junction 8 is too far/inconvenient for you, these are the list of branches that Koolook has!

  1.Koolook Suntec City Mall|Suntec City Mall #02-705, 3 Temasek Boulevard, 038983 - Map - Tel : 6336 9161
  2.Koolook Junction 8 Shopping Centre|Junction 8 Shopping Centre #01-16, 9 Bishan Place, 579837 - Map - Tel : 6354 4520
  3.Koolook JEM|Jurong East Mall (JEM) #02-40, No. 50 Jurong Gateway Road, 608549 - Map - Tel : 6339 4580
  4.Koolook Lucky Plaza|Lucky Plaza #01-77, 304 Orchard Road, 238863 - Map - Tel : 6734 4166
  5.Koolook Lucky Plaza|Lucky Plaza #02-85, 304 Orchard Road, 238863 - Map - Tel : 6737 2209
  6.Koolook Tiong Bahru Plaza|Tiong Bahru Plaza #B1-20/21, 302 Tiong Bahru Road, 168732 - Map - Tel : 6272 1230

Ref: http://www.streetdirectory.com/businessfinder/company_branch/118370/5890/ 

Did you know?

If you are not a contact lens wearer, you have to get your eye examined before you can start wearing the lens?
This is to ensure that your cornea suits wearing contact lens, and that you know the proper technique of wearing them!

First time contact lens consultation: $35

Other examinations
Eye Refraction Examination: $25
Contact Lens Examination: $25

Koolook is the authorised retailer of FreshKon contact lenses!
PS: Thank you FreshKon and Koolook for all the work behind the scenes for this post to be done! <3 

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